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PADI Freediver Course

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Travel Period From : 01/03/2024 – 15/11/2024
Booking Deposit : RM300 (*Non-refundable but transferable, validity 1 year)

PADI Freedive in Tioman

The PADI Freediver course is your gateway to exploring the underwater world on a single breath. This thrilling course combines physical training, mental preparation, and safety awareness. Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn:

  1. Breath-Holding Techniques: Improve your breath-holding abilities with effective exercises.

  2. Equalization Skills: Master equalization techniques for a comfortable descent.

  3. Safety Protocols: Learn essential safety procedures, including blackout prevention and rescue techniques.

  4. Physiology and Physics: Understand the science behind freediving, including the effects of pressure on your body.

  5. Mental Training: Develop mental resilience with relaxation, visualization, and mindfulness techniques.

  6. Dive Skills: Hone your finning, body positioning, and energy conservation techniques.

  7. Depth Training: If you’re inclined, train for deep dives, gradually adapting to increased pressure.

  8. Practical Sessions: Practice breath-holding and skills in a controlled environment.

  9. Open Water Dives: Experience the freedom of open water dives without scuba gear.

  10. Certification: Earn your PADI Freediver certification and open doors to more freediving adventures.