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PADI Advanced Open Water Course

PADI Open Water

(Advanced Open Water)

From RM1338

You’ll study deep and navigation diving plus three specialties.

1. Underwater Navigation
2. Deep Dive ( More than 18meters )
3. Night Dive
4. Peak Performance Buoyancy
5. Wreck Dive


On the first day, you will begin by mastering peak performance buoyancy and participating in a night dive. The following morning, your activities will include learning underwater navigation, embarking on a deep dive, and engaging in wreck diving during the afternoon. Once you have successfully acquired these skills, you will be considered a graduate.

Price Above Advanced Open Water Course
Include Course, Meal, Accommodation, Beer & Dive Gear

Price Not Include Transport, Others..

Promo : Free 3 Boat Dives. Book Before : 28/02/2024
Travel Period From : 01/03/2024 – 15/11/2024
Booking Deposit : RM300 (*Non-refundable but transferable, validity 1 year)

Advanced Open Water Course in Tioman

The Advanced Open Water Course is an advanced level scuba diving certification program designed for divers who have already completed their Open Water Course. The course typically consists of five adventure dives, each focusing on a particular diving skill or specialty, such as deep diving, underwater navigation, night diving, wreck diving, and more.

During the course, divers will learn advanced diving techniques and gain valuable experience under the guidance of a certified instructor. The course is designed to enhance divers’ skills, knowledge, and confidence, enabling them to explore deeper dive sites and navigate more challenging underwater environments.

To enroll in the Advanced Open Water Course, divers must have a certification in Open Water Diver, be at least 15 years of age (or 12 years old for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver), and have completed a certain number of dives. Upon successful completion of the course, divers will earn their Advanced Open Water certification, which is recognized worldwide and opens up a whole new world of diving opportunities.